Animal Alternative Technologies is a recently founded B2B technology-licensing start-up spun-out of the University of Cambridge. In collaboration with world-leading expert advisers, it was created by Bioengineers and Scientists passionate about saving our planet and the lives in it using cutting-edge biotechnology. Using Cambridge University's state-of-the-art research facilities, and international, interdisciplinary network, we hope to continue the long legacy of shaping the world at the institution which has produced the most Nobel Laureates.



Get to Know Us



Clarisse Beurrier is a Joint Honours graduate in Biological Sciences and Management from Imperial College London, who organised the world's 1st Cellular Agriculture Hackathon and worked for Higher Steaks which made the world's 1st cultivated bacon and pork belly. After finishing an MPhil in bioprocess modelling and Life Cycle Assessment for Cultured Meat production at the University of Cambridge, she will be developing Artificial Intelligence to design 3D environments for Tissue Engineering to provide cues for controlled cell differentiation during her PhD. She has won multiple grants, and has a plethora of invaluable industrial experience, having worked for Ethifinance, the Good Food Institute, Sandvik, Higher Steaks, Sustainable Seaweed, etc.



Yash Mishra is finishing a PhD on Tissue Engineering at the University of Cambridge. He is a Biochemical Engineering graduate from University College London with 5+ years of research experience, including 2 years in industry establishing a robotic, high-throughput system for bioprocess development, gold medals at the world's biggest synthetic biology competition (iGEM), analytical technology development and computational modelling at Imperial College London, and a masters-level research project at IIT-Varanasi at the age of 17. He has also developed bioreactors and bioprocess in collaboration with WHO and the Gates Foundation. Furthermore, Yash co-founded Prokao, a probiotic chocolate start-up for mental health, which won Best Entrepreneurship at iGEM, where he is now a Judge. Yash was also a mentor at the world's 1st Cellular Agriculture hackathon.